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Aluminum and the Capitol Building Dome

FACT: Most people erroneously believe that the US Capitol Building's dome is made of stone. In fact, the outer dome is a cast iron facade, painted stone-white with titanium dioxide pigments, and supported on large arched beams covering a smaller inner dome.

Dome of the Capitol Building, Wasington DC

Cross section of dome showing the outer facade and inner aluminum dome

Reference: "purple water cooler" --- Confirmed!

From: Sergeants "M" and "T"
Date: Fri, 15 Sept 2000
Subject: Aluminum and the government conspiracy

We are 2 recently retired enlisted military information managers, who met when assigned to work on a special government project in the Pentagon. In the course of our duties in the "Monument to the 'Free' (Capitalist?) World's war machine", we had access to many areas of the Pentagon that you won't see in the public tours (Reference the 'purple water cooler' in the catacombs of the basement. This has been enshrined in a glass booth down a side hall in the basement, as a sort of monument.) If you do the research about that, you will find out this will validate our references.

Sgt "M" has extensive experience in the DC area, and pointed out a little known fact. THE DOME OF THE CAPITOL BUILDING IS LINED WITH ALUMINIUM!

Sgt "T" has higher education degrees in Mathematics and Information Systems, and has taught at a number of accredited colleges and universities.

Because of the shape of the dome, (reference your page, AFDB.HTML, concerning alpha-wave harmonics building up within the skull), if you take the harmonic standing waves of electromagnetic psychotronic energy and multiply it by a factor of about 250,000 (the difference in size between the human skull and the volume of the Capitol rotunda) you can immediately see the effects this would have on a normal person. Factor in the fact of the inflated, corrupt egos of the people who work in that building and the effects are even worse!

Because it is a dome, there is a point called the 'focus' where all this psychotronic beams converge (*basic math and geometry). Therefore, near the center of the building is a prime point of overwhelming psychotronic energy that can cause anyone to yield to it's forces. The randomness of the energy will cause any specific individual to act in a completely random irrational manner. How else could one explain a normal upstanding citizen going into a heavily guarded building and discharging a firearm, killing 2 security guards in the process?

Between the two of us, we have over 40 years in the military, 20 years in information management, 10 years experience with weapons systems, advanced degrees in math, aircraft maintenance, information technology, computer science, and management. The military has given us training in 'leadership' and 'management'. Only recently, when we got away from the military and the shiny buckles and medals we were obligated to wear (more mind-control tools?) were we able to deduce what we have known all along.

Understand this fact: we are disclosing this information because we love our country, and we think we have come across the reason that even seemingly normal, rational individuals come to Washington with every intent to do fair, honest and good deeds for the people who elected them. The individuals become corrupted and weakened by the environment they are exposed to, and the special interest groups move in when individuals are the most vulnerable.

Remember, just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you...

Sgt "T"