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An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control

The History and Anti-Psychotronic Properties of Tin

From: R. G. [Name withheld to protect from evil forces]
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998
Subject: properties of tin

Standing Stone: Carnac, France

Herodotus: stooge of the forces of mind control?

In your Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie page you mention that tin, although possibly effective, is largely untested as a psychotronic shielding medium.

Cornwall, at the South-Western tip of Britain, has been a major source of tin for the western world for thousands of years and evidence suggests that tin has been mined there continually since the later days of Atlantis (called Ys in the local celtic legends and located just a short distance off the Cornish coast).

The Atlanteans/Yssians are known to have used the substance for many things but the discovery of traces of tin on the well known psychic amplifiers now known as the Carnac standing stones strongly suggests that it played a major part in both their focusing and warding rituals. The Phoenicians have left records clearly stating the need to wrest the tin trade away from an ill-defined "western power" with the intent of leaving them "permanently weakened", and their success can be measured by the fact that by the time of Herodotus this once vital source of the mysterious metal had sunk into legend (he expresses serious doubt about the existence of the "tin islands").

Most compellingly of all, over the past 20 years the US government, working through their Masonic links in the British Department of Trade and Industry have systematically sabotaged, foreclosed and flooded the working and profitable Cornish tin mines so that now, despite extremely high worldwide demand and the presence of a known ready supply of the metal it is commercially impractical to extract any tin from the British Isles.

We must conduct research on this important metal before all other sources of it mysteriously "dry up".