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2009-01-21:Now available, new carrier modules - Increased protection and less psychotronic echoes! Update your carriers today!
2003-02-08:Now available, MindGuard X v0.0.0.4 - codename "Elusive Walrus" - The best MindGuard X ever! Download today!
Just because you're a penguin doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.
MindGuard -- the name known and trusted by Amiga users for a decade.
Now available for Linux.
Use Linux, because THEY don't want you to.

with MindGuard!

Welcome to the MindGuard website, your source for the award-winning MindGuard family of anti-mind-control software for Amiga and Linux computers. Developed by Lyle Zapato during the psychotronically turbulent early 1990s, MindGuard offered Amiga-using paranoids the world over a new opportunity to think free of evil influences using advanced Active Anti-Psychotronic (AAP) software, theretofore only available to mind-control agents and paranoid millionaires. At the dawn of the Third Millennium, MindGuard was made available for even the stingiest paranoids with the introduction of MindGuard X for the free Linux OS. Now no one has an excuse not to be mind-control free!


Lawyers for Kortech, the makers of the KPsi® psychotronic carrier, have sent me a letter demanding that I stop distributing software that "infringes on [their] intellectual property". I promise you that I will fight this, but still I urge all freedom-loving people to mirror MindGuard in case they manage to get this site shut down!

What Is MindGuard?

PET scan of brain before and after MindGuard

Positron Emission Tomography images clearly show how MindGuard can block foreign, psychotronic brain influences, returning your mind to a state of restful focus.

MindGuard is a program for Amiga and Linux computers that protects your mind by actively jamming and/or scrambling psychotronic mind-control signals and removing harmful engrammic pollutants from your brain. It also has the ability to scan for and decipher into English specific signals so you can see exactly Who wants to control you and what They are trying to make you think.

MindGuard works by leveraging your computer's aluminum-based innards to both detect and emit psychotronic energy using advanced quasi-quantum techniques. Once a mind-control signal is identified and analyzed, MindGuard can generate a specially tuned anti-signal that will jam the incoming signal. If MindGuard is unable to properly identify the signal, it will generate psychotronic white noise to ensure the signal's harmful message is scrambled.

MindGuard is fully configurable and can be customized for the individual user using biorhythmic and eponymologic settings. MindGuard also includes an advanced DePsych utility, allowing the removal of almost all deep-burned memetic patterns -- including even commercial jingles.

With MindGuard, you can rest assured that your most valuable possession -- your mind -- is safe from the nefarious tinkering of evil-doers.

Why Would I Need MindGuard?

If you think protecting your hard drive from viruses is important, but give no thought to the safety of your mind, please consider the following:

  • The technology to implant ideas and images into a person's mind using electromagnetic and sonic waves was invented more than sixty years ago and has been growing more sophisticated yearly.
  • Secret agencies are conspiring to control your life and force you to live under a One World Government. The only thing stopping them are people of differing opinions.
  • Alien forces are seeking to subjugate humanity to their dominion. Abductees commonly report having their memories/minds altered.
  • Governmental regulations of questionable origin are forcing us to rid our world of lead based products and the benefits they hold.
  • The big buzzword in policing is "Nonlethal Weaponry", devices that don't hurt people but make them "surrender" unconditionally and uncontrollably.
  • The rise in "Entertainment Attractions" in places such as Las Vegas and Florida (not to mention the continued growth of the granddad of them all: Disneyland) is creating concentration points where the populations of the world are herded together and subjected to intense psychological programming.
  • David Hasselhof continues to impress German TV viewers.
  • The seemingly innocent babble of the Teletubbies is designed to appeal to very young children on an almost biological level inculcating in them the desire to live in a world where faceless voices command obedience under the ever-watchful gaze of Big Baby. Tinky Winky may be purple, but Po is most certainly Red.
  • Sony (a megamultinational with a special interest in "intellectual property") has created a robotic dog -- named Aibo -- that it hopes will become humanity's new best friend. The dog communicates with its owners through hypnotic limb gyrations and high-pitched sonic blips that could easily contain subliminal programming. A Japanese dictionary at hand lists "aiboo" as meaning "accomplice".

Clearly, people's minds are in greater danger now than they have ever been in the history of our planet.

That's why you need MindGuard.

MindGuard's Features

All versions of MindGuard have the following features:

Amiga MindGuard v3.10 has these additional features:

  • Commodity support
  • Speech abilities

MindGuard X has these additional features:

  • Multiuserability
  • Scalable biorhythm graph
  • Log Viewer


Here are screenshots of MindGuard's user interface.

MindGuard X:

MindGuard's Main Window

MindGuard's PsIdent Window

MindGuard's DePsych Window
WARNING: DePsych screenshot is for illustration purposes only and not for actual DePsych use. Only look at it glancingly. Prolong staring at this static DePsych display may result in memory fragmentation and involuntary hypertelekinesis.

MindGuard for Amiga:

MindGuard's Main Window

MindGuard's PsIdent Window

Get The Newest Version Of MindGuard

MindGuard is free software for all non-evil users (don't think you can fool me, I'm on to you all!)


Amiga MindGuard will run on any Amiga with OS 2.04 or better.

MindGuard can be found on older Aminet listings in util/misc/ or in newer listings hidden in game/gag/:


MindGuard X has been successfully compiled and run on Linux 2.0.35 and 2.2.* and requires X Windows with GTK+ 1.2.x or better. MindGuard X is released under the MindGuard Public License (MGPL).

MindGuard X is stored locally:


FreeBSD port - Description page and download link at (hidden in the games section to keep them from finding it).

Carrier Modules

Updated: 2009-01-21
Antarctic Relayv3.01
CIA Russelv2.90
FBI Brotherv2.83
Kortech KPsiv4.70
Reticulan (all)v4.77
Russian Tz8v3.60
UN Belgian subsetv2.40
UN Metricv3.92
All Carriers (tarball)

Carriers are the methods used by agents of mind control to encipher and deliver signals. Carrier specifications include spectrum, wavelength, frequency, how the signal is enciphered, and how the cipher acts on the brain.

MindGuard uses modular carrier files so you can always be sure to have the most current level of protection. MindGuard carrier modules are compatible for both the Amiga and Linux versions.

The newest carrier modules are available locally. Download them directly into your carrier modules directory and press the "Known Carriers" button to have MindGuard load them.

Important Notice About Copper-based Chips

Don't throw out your old computers! The computer industry, no doubt at the behest of the forces of mind control, is conspiring to replace all aluminum in computer chips with copper. IBM has already shipped millions of copper-based PowerPC CPUs and has its sights on all the other chips on your motherboard.

MindGuard uses the unique psychotronic properties of the aluminum found in the chips throughout personal computers to generate its psychotronic anti-signals. An all-copper computer would not be able to generate proper anti-signals and would be unable to run MindGuard properly (however it should still be able to pick up and decipher the signals since this is done at the semiconductor level).

DO NOT RUN MINDGUARD ON AN ALL COPPER PC! Computers with just a few copper components, such as the CPU, should still work fine for now. Make sure to do your research before replacing your mind control protection computer.

Combined with the computer industry's campaign of continuous obsolescence and the upgrade treadmill, this could render most consumer available personal computers unable to block psychotronics within five years! Lucky for us paranoids, Linux runs well on all-aluminum 486s, and Amiga computers remain as good as they were in 1990.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't MindGuard available for my platform (Windows/Mac/Univac)?

Many popular operating system platforms -- most notably Windows and Macintosh -- are in fact created by agents of mind control. As such, these platforms tend to include subsystems that not only produce mind control, but also defeat anti-psychotronic software such as MindGuard. In order for MindGuard to run successfully on these platforms, their psychotronic subsystems must be circumvented.

If these subsystems are not completely overcome, the results could be worse than not using MindGuard at all. This is because psychotronic signals in the wild tend to be generally balanced across contradicting view points, which is the result of competition for mind space. If Apple increases the strength of their psychotronic signals, Microsoft follows suit. (While this balance diminishes the relative difference between the contradicting signals, it does not diminish the overall effect of mind control in the environment, which is only getting worse.) By only partially defeating the psychotronic subsystems in a platform, MindGuard could end up silencing one signal while letting its competing signal (presumably the one from the platform's creator) through loud and clear, which might cause erratic behavior, nerve damage, or an insane zeal to follow the signal's message beyond what even its creator desired.

Since platforms that engage in the above behavior tend to be closed sourced, it is very difficult to learn how they work in order to circumvent them (not to mention the fact that doing so is being made illegal under laws such as the DMCA). Because of this difficulty, MindGuard won't be available for closed-source, pro-mind-control operating systems any time soon.

What is this "Linux" of which you speak & how do I install it on my Dell?

Linux is an operating system like Microsoft Windows. Unlike Windows, Linux doesn't contain the hidden mind-control software known as Direct Retro-Memetics (DRM), which are designed to implant engrams into your brain much like how a retrovirus plants its DNA into a cell's nucleus.

Installing Linux is a topic beyond the scope of this website and unfortunately Lyle Zapato cannot help you with this. If you would like to get Linux up and running on your computer so you can run MindGuard and protect yourself from the forces of mind control, contact your local Linux Users Group (LUG). Ask for Tony and make sure you say you want the "MindGuard special".

What is this "Amiga" of which you speak & how do I install it on my Dell?

The Amiga was a computer platform originally released in 1985 that was ideal for active anti-psychotronics since it contained unique chipsets not found in other computers -- particularly the "Gary" chip. In 1992, the Amiga reached a peak of perfection that, to this day, has not been attained by any other computer platform. It was decided that no more could be done and so production ceased.

There have been numerous attempts since then to revive Amiga production, but these are Amigas in name only. The current "Amiga" is an OS that runs on PowerPC architecture without custom chipsets. FOR THE TIME BEING, ONLY ORIGINAL AMIGAS SHOULD BE USED WITH THE AMIGA VERSION OF MINDGUARD! While there are reports that MindGuard may work on newer Amigas, this has not been fully tested and may produce dangerous side effects.

Can MindGuard be used to send psychotronic signals?

Technically, yes. Since MindGuard needs to generate anti-signals to cancel out the psychotronic signals being sent to you, in its normal operation it is creating psychotronic signals. However, the range of these signals is limited to the immediate vicinity of your computer so it can't be used to create a mass psychotron. Also, since MindGuard is Open Source you can be certain that it contains no subversive signals of its own.

Why does MindGuard for Amiga cause Enforcer hits?

Enforcer hits are MindGuard's way of letting you know it's working. They are unavoidable due to the nonstandard way that MindGuard interacts with your Amiga's hardware in order to receive and scramble psychotronic signals. Ignore them.

Why does my MindGuard keep displaying decrypted signals that seem like they came from the late 1990s?

You may be experiencing psychotronic echoes caused when mind-control signals produce sympathetic vibrations in nearby aluminum ore deposits. These vibrations can linger in the deposits for years, reemitting the same old signals over and over. If you have ever visited a town where it seems everyone's fashion is stuck in some past decade, this is usually the explanation.

Do not be concerned by this. MindGuard will jam or scramble these old signals as it would fresh ones. Just count yourself lucky that you missed out on this decade's insanity.

I have created a small script that proves that MindGuard is a sham!

That's not a question.

Clearly you are in league with the forces of mind control and are trying to scare people away from a product that can protect them. You may be doing this of your own free will (in which case you are evil and are using MindGuard in violation of the MGPL) but it is more likely that you are yourself a victim of mind control, being instructed from above to conduct a vicious smear campaign against quality anti-psychotronic products. You should immediately don an AFDB and flush out your brain using MindGuard's DePsych to remove any of these anti-MindGuard delusions.

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Legal fineprint: By using, distributing, or thinking under the influence of MindGuard software, you agree to the terms of the MGPL. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft, Inc. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Univac is a registered trademark of someone, surely. Please stop squinting, it's bad for your eyes.