The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

How You Can Help

Here are a few things that you can do to help save the Pacific Northwest tree octopus:

Tree Octopus poster
Posters motivate the citizenry to action! Post them!
  • Write your representatives to let them know that you are concerned and that you feel the tree octopus should be included on the Endangered Species List and given special protection.
  • Write to celebrities asking them to speak out on behalf of the tree octopus during press junkets and award shows.
  • Help build awareness of the tree octopus by telling your friends, co-workers, or even random people on the streets.
  • Place a tentacle ribbon on your website or social media.
  • Participate in tree octopus awareness marches. You can demonstrate their plight during the march by having your friends dress up as tree octopuses while you attack them in a lumberjack costume.
  • Pamphlet your neighborhood. Tentacle ribbons make excellent doorknob hangers.
  • Join and donate to an organization committed to conservation, such as Greenpeas.
  • Boycott companies that use non-tree-octopus-safe wood harvesting practices.
  • Sign an online petition! Nothing activates activity like an Internet petition.
  • Don't like activism because it involves looking up from your phone? Become a tweetivist:

Past Activism:


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