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2007-02-22 (UPDATED 2007-03-24) Larger Colossal Squid Caught
New Zealand fishermen in the Ross Sea have caught a colossal squid weighing an estimated 495kg. Click link for collected factoids.

Older Special Reports:

2003-07-01 (UPDATED 2003-07-11) Chilean Blob: Not A Cephalopod
A 12 meter long blob was found on a beach in Chile. It was suspected of being a giant octopus. Turned out to be decayed whale blubber.
2003-04-01 (UPDATED 2003-05-24) Colossal Squid Caught
Fishermen near Antarctica have caught a rare, virtually intact specimen of Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni (or "colossal squid") -- a very large, very aggressive squid with scores of razor-sharp hooks on its tentacles. Includes article round-up, photos and email from Steve O'Shea.

Recent Headlines

2016-05-23 World Octopus And Squid Populations Are Booming (Science)
New research shows that changes to marine environments are leading to a surge of cephalopods, the invertebrate group that includes octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish.
2016-04-19 Is There Really A Giant Octopus Under The Tacoma Narrows Bridge? (KUOW)
"The big octopuses, they're around," says commercial diver Kerry Donahue. "They try to scare you," he says. "Their big defense mechanism -- they get bigger than you are."
2016-04-13 Octopus Slips Out Of Aquarium Tank, Crawls Across Floor, Escapes Down Pipe To Ocean (WP)
Inky the octopus didn't even try to cover his tracks. By the time the staff at New Zealand's National Aquarium noticed that he was missing, telltale suction cup prints were the main clue to an easily solved mystery.
2016-03-02 Deep Discoverer Discovers a Very Deep, Ghostlike Octopod (NOAA)
Deep-sea, undescribed incirrate octopod, nicknamed "Casper", found 4000m deep near Hawaii, deeper than any other of its kind. Deeeep.
2015-12-24 Video Of Live Giant Squid In Japan (ANN)
More from the TONMO forum.
2015-09-18 Octopus Makes Own Quicksand To Build Burrow On Seabed (New Scientist)
The southern sand octopus (Octopus kaurna) has taken hide-and-seek to a whole new level. It shoots jets of water into the seafloor creating quicksand that allows it to vanish.
2015-08-25 Rare Nautilus Sighted For First Time In Three Decades (UW)
University of Washington Biologist Peter Ward returned from the South Pacific with news that he encountered what he considers one of the world's rarest animals, Allonautilus scrobiculatus.
2015-08-24 Octopuses Seen Throwing Things May Be Using Shells As Weapons (New Scientist)
Octopuses have been recorded gathering up armfuls of debris before taking pot shots at one another. Whether it's a case of "get off my turf" or merely "oops, didn't mean to hit you" is still a puzzle.
2015-08-13 No, An Octopus Is Not An Alien (From Quarks to Quasars)
A number of sites started running stories that seemed to imply that octopuses are aliens. Scientists were really just using a clever metaphor to highlight the unique complexity of the octopus genome i.e., octopuses aren't really from outer space and their DNA is not utterly unique.
2015-08-12 Octopuses Filmed Mating Face-to-Face -- A First (Nat. Geo.)
A new study of the Pacific striped octopus reveals never-before-seen behaviors that have stunned scientists. "The beak-to-beak mating is just crazy nutty." Paper in PLOS ONE: "Behavior and Body Patterns of the Larger Pacific Striped Octopus".
2015-08-12 Octopus' Sophistication Driven By Hundreds Of Previously Unknown Genes (Ars Technica)
Researchers have now sequenced the genome of the California two-spot octopus (Octopus bimaculoides). Paper in Nature: "The octopus genome and the evolution of cephalopod neural and morphological novelties".
2015-05-20 Octopus Can See With Its Skin (UCSB PR)
A new study demonstrates that an octopus's skin possesses the same cellular mechanism for detecting light as its eyes do. (Paper abstract.)
2015-04-12 Octopus Takes Photos Of Her Aquarium Visitors (CNET)
The octopus, named Rambo, has been trained to take photos of visitors who stop by to see her at Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland, NZ
2015-01-22 Japanese Fisherman Capture Live Giant Squid (Business Insider)
Local fisherman have reported a disturbing rise in giant squid catches in the past year or so. They say the squid are coming closer to the surface.
2015-01-21 Jumbo Squid Speak by "Flashing" Each Other (NatGeo)
Giant Humboldt squid speak to each other in flashes of color, their whole bodies quickly changing from red to white and back again. But just what they're communicating has long been a mystery to scientists. Now, new video analysis is allowing marine biologists to begin cracking this jumbo squid's code.
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